About Us

We are a small crew from Devon who want to make great tasting, fun and interesting food.

We love that more than almost any other snack, popcorn is basically made by nature –
all we do is take a natural grain and pop it.

We take the finest popping corn. We pop it by hand in small batches with a splash of rapeseed oil and then sprinkle with one of our artisan flavours. Simple and delicious!


Our full range of 10 exciting flavours are ALL;

  • Gluten Free
  • Made with 100% Natural Ingredients... Nothing artificial at all
  • Wholegrain and High in Fibre
  • Under 117 Calories per 25g serving
  • Made by us in Devon... We're not just a marketing company pretending to make popcorn!


Our wish? To scoop up an outdoor, sunny, happy, carefree feeling and pop it into every
bag of Portlebay Popcorn.